Bone grafting- An ultimate procedure in dental implant

Bone grafting- An ultimate procedure in dental implant

The bone density always plays a vital role in the dental implants. To check the bone density of a patient, they should consult with the dentists and see if the bone of a tooth is suitable for an implant. In such a case, the dentists will see any type of bone loss and do a procedure called as bone grafting. Actually, the bone graft dental implant is performed in order to maximize the bone density for supporting the teeth. This bone density allows enough space for drilling a hole and installs the essential metal that holds the crown well. This kind of dental treatment is necessary for the patients who lose the bone, because of accidents or tooth loss. So, the dentists will do the implant for maximizing the density to realign the jaw. If the bone graft becomes successful, this will cause a new growth and also maximizes the width and height of a jaw bone.

Basically, there are different reasons that cause bone loss in a jaw line. Some of the usual reasons are gingivitis and infections and so on. If you fail to notice these reasons, it will slowly build up into dangerous complications. Any type of trauma affects the jaw can also be a reason. To solve this complication, this bone graft is carried out to fill the gap specifically where the bone loss has occurred. For treating this condition, the dentists usually try the natural method of bone restoration by improving its growth. If this option is not possible to do, they go for the artificial implants such as a synthetic or artificial substitute. However, the dentists can use the different kinds of bone graft and one of the commonly used methods is autogenous bone graft.

How does bone grafting dental implant work?

In case of dental implant bone grafting, your dentists will decide to use a synthetic bone substitute, cow’s bone or restore your jawbone by using bone grafts taken from your body. Whatever the choice, this bone graft will signal your body to begin layering the new natural bone down around it and also strengthen the whole section of your jawbone. The main process of bone graft dental implant is the bone taken from another area of your body to do the bone graft. This can be easily removed from your chin, hip and grafter to the jawbone in a specific spot, especially where the implant will be eventually inserted.

Purpose of bone grafting and dental implant

The purpose of bone grafting is adding bone to the arena of the mouth, where it is missing it. This bone graft can be used in any area of the mouth, where it is required. When you are adding this to the mouth of a patient, the dentist will use any one of these three types such as allograft, alloplasts or autogenous. After completing the procedure, the bone grafting area will be closed off by using either donor membrane or artificial collagen.

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